Viper Jet 1:9M

Go Fly jets from BVM require just a few hours of your time from box to being flight ready. Tasks require installing a radio receiver and batteries, bolting your engine to the fully prepared mounts, and connecting the fuel and smoke system tubing. A few electrical connections activate the Navigation and Landing Light system. To assist you in these tasks, the BVM Viper Jet comes with a photo enhanced “Assembly and Flight” manual.



Length: 75″

Wingspan: 72.5″

Weight: 11 kg dry

Turbine Engine: 17-22

Channels Required: 12

Gyro: Recommended


Included and Installed Accessories

  • Servos
  • Extensions
  • Gear valves
  • Brakes valve
  • Navigation and landing lights
  • Light controller
  • Fuel tanks
  • Smoke tank
  • Smoke pump
  • BVM air gauge
  • Air tanks
  • Scale landing gear
  • Wheels and brakes
  • Cockpit deck
  • Double wall stainless steel thrust tube


Does not include:

  • Ultimate air trap
  • Receiver
  • Engine
  • Batteries
  • Engine
  • Gyro