Bandit EVO

The next evolution of the Bandit is here. A Go Fly aircraft you can grow with. Ideal for the first time jet enthusiast or the advanced jet pilot.






Vne 200mph

Limit Thrust 100 Neutons


Length: 76″

Wingspan 69″

Weight 21.5

Power: 60-100 Neutons


  • New trailing link struts
  • Central Control Unit for gear sequencing and brakes
  • Electronic Gear and Brake valves
  • Easy Access to all components
  • High Voltage digital servos installed
  • Kevlar fuel tanks and Hi-Flow fuel system installed
  • Grass field capable
  • Minimal Assembly Time – Turbine, receiver, UAT installation, Radion set-up, SD card available for SPEKTRUM users

Trailing link struts, nose and main gear allow for less than perfect landing with no damage to the model.

Pneumatic valves operate the landing gear, doors, and brakes. The electronic Central Control Unit (CCU) features fail safe low air pressure and a receiver voltage display.

NOTE: All servos are high voltage classification

Kevlar main fuel tanks with Hi-Flow fittings and “Header” tank come installed

“Flush Mount” overflow system with Fuel filter and “fuel-in” connection are installed

Control linkages for all surfaces are installed and adjusted such that they will be very close to perfect for MOST radios.

The engine installation utilises a carbon fiber BVM “ByPass” system and double walled stainless steel tailpipe for cool and reliable turbine operation