L-39 Albatros

The BVM L-39  was first shown at Top Gun 2016. A few more refinements that are included in the production models were demonstrated at “First In Flight”. This straight wing jet has excellent slow flight and landing characteristics.



Scale: 1/5th

Length: 94″

Wingspan: 74″

Weight: 14.5 kg

Power: 140 Newton turbine


Special Features

  • A good size that is large enough to see, yet it can be loaded into a vehicle by one person
  • True shock absorbing scale landing gear
  • Grass field capable
  • Straight wing jet – excellent slow flight and landing characteristics
  • Servos and linkages installed
  • BVM internal airflow design allows very cool operation
  • Light system installed – really helps on landing approach
  • Easy access to fuel system, batteries, radio, and engine
  • Smoke system installed



Does not include:

  • Engine
  • Header tank
  • UAT
  • Receiver
  • Batteries
  • Gyro