Fast Cure, Aerospace Grade Glue

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VPoxy Plus+

Superior strength, cures 25% faster.

Aeropoxy vs Vpoxy+  the Differences

Aeropoxy is totally thixotropic – i.e. it will not run or sag. Vpoxy+ is slightly less thixotropic – thus it may penetrate some materials better.

Aeropoxy initial setup time is about 3 hours at 75°F. Vpoxy+ initial setup time is about 1 hour at 75°F.

Technical data on the strength properties of both glues render them about the same.

Aeropoxy and/or Vpoxy+ are Aerospace Grade adhesives and the strongest epoxy based glues available to the modeler.

The definition of Thixotropic is that it will stay on the edge of a bulkhead or rib to ease the assembly process.
QT Poxy produces a bond that is almost as strong as BVM’s Aeropoxy, but allows for quick assembly and field repairs.  Set time is 4 – 5 minutes.
NOTE: BVM’s line of adhesives are NOT Loctite / Hysol products.  Several years ago BVM sold their products but because of the ongoing quality control problems, BVM developed their own line of glues.  These glues are better and the cartridges are more reliable to not have issues. BVM takes pride in the products we sell and will only have the best for our customers.