Kit contains all laser cut parts, canopy, control horns, wing joiners, spoilers, spar stock, and wing sheeting.

Weight: 12-13lbs (5.6kg)
Span: 188″ (4.7m)
Lenght 85″ (2.16m)
Airfoil: Modified SD3021


This aircraft is modeled after the famous first of the Slingsby Skylark series. The design scope for this kit was to have an affordable, easy to build Sailplane, that could be aero towed or self launched with an E-Power system. It was also imperative that the Sailplane have excellent performance with friendly handling. If you haven’t built a model in a long time, or you want to try and build from a kit for the first time, this would be the ideal choice from our lineup.

The simple octagon fuselage format makes this model a breeze to build. All the plywood sheeting and panels are pre-cut for you making this a fun build. Wings are in 3 pieces allowing this model to be broken down to fit into most vehicles. It’s light weight structure affords the Skylark to be aero towed by smaller tow planes or you can fit the E-Power self launch system. Both Aerotow release and E-power components are included in the kit.


Please Note:

We love when people show interest in our kits; it means people are building things again, and that makes us happy! Although we would like to have inventory of all our kits, it’s often difficult to achieve due to fluctuating demands aligned with our manufacturing capabilities. We are only a small business, so we apologize in advance if your kit is not in stock when you place your order. However, we assure you we will get it done in a timely manner.

Additional information
Weight 18 kg