Scale: 2.5
Wingspan: 192″
Length: 105″
Weight: 26-28lb


The Schweizer 1-26 is one of the most iconic Sailplane designs in the US. The 1-26 has the perfect form factor for a scale model Sailplane. Even at 40% scale it’s still very manageable, and will fit in most mid size vans or suvs. The 1-26’s flight envelope is amazing, from aerobatics to working light thermals, it can do it all. If your interested in a large Sailplane that’s affordable and transportable, this could be the perfect choice. Kit includes all laser cut wood parts, all wood stock plus1/32” plywood skins for the fully sheeted wings.

Also included is a full size plan and instruction manual, crystal clear canopy, incorporated tow release, and basic hardware for completion.

Additional information
Weight 18 kg