Producing custom made protective coverings for your specialised radio control aircraft needs.  Each product is custom made for your needs, select from an array of fabric colours, embroidery, and edging, fastening methods, openings and storage compartments for accessories.
Jackie Sacks feature a heavy duty three layer construction. A heavy canvas outer shell absorbs the scrapes of transport, a 1/4 inch high density foam layer protects from impacts, while a soft flannel inner liner cushions your covering or paint.
All three layers work together to protect your hobby investment and are custom made to suit your aircraft. Additional features include not having to remove drop tanks, wingtips etc when placing in your Jackie Sacks. A range of colour to match and handmade!

Due to the custom nature of Jackie Sacks products, all sales are quoted on an individual
Please contact us to discuss your aircraft, colours and custom features.


Price on application

There are four colour selections for the exterior fabric, red, navy blue, royal blue and forest green.

There are seven different colour selections for the edging and handles, black, red, brown, forest green, navy blue, silver and royal blue.