• Wingspan: 2.8m / 110 inches
  • Length: 3.45m / 134 inches
  • Weight: Up to 125Lbs
  • Turbine: 300-400N
  • Retractable Electronic Landing Gear suitable for 125lbs max weight. Gyroscopic braking assist
  • Fuel capacity 6.5L up to 22L+ /Diesel, JetA, Kerosene
  • Max Takeoff weight 125lbs
  • Payload 30lbs +
  • Max speed 200 knots +
  • 20G maneuverability
  • Max Endurance 60 min at cruise
  • Takeoff Roll <500ft/ Landing Roll <500ft
  • Made of the latest composite sandwich technology
  • Confomal fuel cell 22L and up. Specified per request
  • All Carbon reinforced for strength / reinforced wing structure
  • Generous payload area for any instrumentation/equipment layout
  • Painted outside mold finish with clear coat and customizable paint scheme
  • Center hinge rudder for precise centering and maximum throw
  • 2 piece fuselage, detachable wings, stabs and fin. Compact and comes apart quickly and easily for transport
  • Removable fin and stabs with one bolt.
  • Reinforced structure and all composite laminated formers
  • Carbon fiber wing tube and spar tubes
  • Fuse, wing, fin and stab covers
  • UAS design for less frontal area for improved performance
  • Specialized Landing gear wheel well and wing structure suitable for 125lbs
  • Full CAD drawings available for UAS version only at additional cost

Havoc UAS version, upgraded carbon reinforcement and structure to suit 100lbs plus weight, includes turbine mount suited for up to 400n, heavy duty electric retractable landing gear and braking system, 22L fuel tank, stainless steel heavy duty turbine pipe(rated for 200n to 500n turbine)

Price : $ 35,630 AUD

Prices are an estimate due to international exchange rates